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Hiking Trip To Broga | Under Kevin Zahari JK1M Program

 KELANTAN 6-7 JUN 2014. Klik gambar untuk maklumat lanjut. 
Assalamualaikum anda great day to all of you out there my friends and family. How are you guys doing today??? weee.... Ok.... in this entree, I am going to tell you one of the activity we've did during my exercise program. What am I talking about? well, if you've been following my blog you will notice that I sometime apologize fr not being able to update because I had join this one awesome group which help me reduce my weight and doing it in a proper way. It is under the program Kevin Zahari Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia <--Click to go the official website. To cut things short, we did all sorts of exercise and games. We went up to FRIM, Bukit Kiara and finally Broga. I had lost a total of 15KG so far and now I had manage to climb Gunung Ledang but not all the way up and bath in its mystical and refreshing waterfall. Hehe..

I had join the Taman Tasik Titiwangsa (TTT) group under the leadership of Haffiz Razali. Assisted by two PT, Sam and Hanif. Also a very beautiful physiotherapist Fathma. (Let see if they read my blog ya :p). So if you ever planning too join in such group, I cant imagine suggesting you to a better group than this one.

Ok let see, our trip to broga starts at 3am in the morning. We've meetup at Petronas Ampang with a total of 10 cars if not mistaken. From there we head up to Broga and it took us nearly an hour to get there. So we've reach broga around 5am in the morning. It was a very windy morning for us. Very windy. More detail on how to get there please click HERE. A traveling Malaysia website that will show you how to get to Broga Hill.

We are of 47 no... no Ronin here.. and defenately no Keanu Reeves with us. There is only 30 of us including my cousin who want to tag along. Yeah... if Keanu Reeves were there with us, the number of people who would follow us to climb would not be 40 or 50.. it would be 4000-5000 people with the press some more...  Hehe...

Ok, Broga... this is the 2nd time Ive climb this hill. Its not that high but previously it was HELL for me! I remember that time I went up there with my Warung Malaya FB group and it took me 2 hour to get up there and all my camera & gear my other friend had to carry it for me. Wow... back then..

Ok so this is my second time climbing Broga Hill. I bring all my equipment coz we are require to bring at least 5-10% more than what we are weighing. So the bag, camera, all my lenses + water is around that. So im cool. Only my triport I gave it to one of my cousin to bring it up.

So we start our journey. Normally if you can climb it non stop, it should take you around 45 min to reach the top but since we are a mixture of people so we choose to take a slower pace. It took us around 1 hour 30 min to reach the 1st summit. Its was very windy, the further up you go the harder it is to open your eyes because of all the sand that had been blown to us.

You know, I am so happy. Why? Because I felt climbing up is effortless! I dont feel tired climbing it and I keep helping my friends who are in need of some mental push. The best part was.. as we climbed the hill, we went past all sort of people and there are how should I put this.. young people with healthy body (not skinny not fat, just nice) stop and panted as we went pass them.. It gave me great joy seeing them not because of them but because I was way better than the version of me when I first climb Broga Hill. It was an achievement and at that moment I realize that I love to hike.

Long story short, we reach up top and perform our prayer as a group and I was really happy coz we manage to perform our Subuh prayers as a Jamaah up there. Of course people was looking and taking pictures of us. So what... (kindda wired coz we are in Malaysia) and there are a lot of people up there.

So after the prayers, I know still no picture. Please bare with me coz its dark and I didnt snap any pictures just as yet. So after Subuh prayer we all went up the the final summit. It was my 1st time up there in the final summit. I was so happy!

Yeah.. only 400m above sea level. Hey dont mock ur victory ok. Let me soak in it for a while would you :p haha... Sun rise was beautiful.

Then we decide to climb on this big rock. Ahh.. forgot I took my triport on my way up here from my cousin coz ill be needing it. Its around 7.15 am now...

The sky are blue! The feeling was so beautiful. Where is the sun? Well its behind the other mountain... err.. yes you will see the sunrise but here is not the best view to see it. So after we took some pictures up here we decide to start walking down.

This is our team... and sorry Amilin, Ive excellently block you! Happy day.. :)

Ok, lets start descending... ahaks.. 

Owh.. as we start to go down back to the 1st summit we went past a plane with lots of "lalang". I dunno what's lalang in english.. haha... so there when encounter the "SUN" rise! Yeah!... and here you are... the sunrise in HDR.

This is the place... 
And this is the sunrise.. 
Oklah.. from now on are picture of me, my friends and random pictures of people I took up there. If you ever find your faces in one of my picture do leave a comment :)

Bump into this one group from a Tahafiz.. so take take picture together lah for berkat purposes :p ok no my english? haha.. :p

Well I dont know her it is just that when she saw me taking pictures with the blue banner, she also want a picture with it. So thats how she end up here in my blog :p 
You should be here banner.... I will carry this banner anywhere I travel in sya ALLAH. Just want to show people that you should be here with me... experiencing this all. Making living, living.. haha... 

My friend from JK1M Kalsom.. or as one of our PT, Sam say... calcium... :p 

This is her BF or something i cant remember :p haha.. 

Posing for the camera doesnt mean that we know them, sometime it simply means they are sporting :)

Hehe... he stare at me... larikkk... :p 

Run abg RUNNN!!!!

Im guessing she is trying to use Waze to guide her way down...  :p haha.. 

I dont care... I just want to eat. 

Cak.. and again.. i dont know any of em.... 

There are actually people up here who sell drinks and RM2 for a can of 100Plus is not expensive considering you are up here :D

 I dont know who they are, we meet uptop, down under and at the makchik stall where we have our breakfast... people call it fate... i call it....

Whatever :p haha... 

my friends from JK1M :)
 So once we are down, we went out for a chow in the Semenyih town.. nearby.. we ate Nasi Ayam and for that day... there are no Nasi Segenggam... all full cup... some even have double :p but I guess its OK t do that once in a while kannn.. hehe...

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it. Please follow this blog and follow us on Facebook. It might not mean much to you but it surely will make me happy to write more and more. :) So if you are intrested to join Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia or just join us for our activities just call Haffiz Razali @ 0176731128. He was ince 135KG and now he has a 6 pack. He knows the pain coz he was once big also and he is willing to help.

Until time... cant wait to finish the 4th day in Perth posting... hehe...  till next time... bye... ws

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  1. tips nasik segenggam tu memang menjadi..
    tapi sesejak tak keje ni, habis badan naik mendadak...
    sebab masak sendiri...nasi tak jadi segenggam la...senduksukahati la jawabnya (in other words nak cakap masakan sendiri sedap hahaha)

    kalau parah sangat nak jugak join Kevin Zahri ni. eh kevin ade ke? heheeee

    1. haha... seldom jumpa Kevin tu... dia ada banyak group bawah dia.. so mana sempat jer la dia p.. haha.. yup... kalau masak sendiri susah nak control. Nanti kena rasa juga masakan Nana Tron ni.. mcm best jer... mcm menarikkk jerr.....

  2. Nasi segenggam...idea bagus. Tp bak kata nana tu.. masak sendiri kan payah lak nk membajetnya...

    1. haha... Masak sendiri pun kena budget lor :p kalau tak susah lah :p sebab nasi tak bersalah.. yang bersalah tu kita yang makan banyak2 :p haha..

  3. Lepas ni badan mesti cantik... Tahniah

    1. wah bro.. in sya ALLAH. Target mcm tu la tapi slow sikit sekarang ni sebab badan dah makin fit so kalori burn pun kurang sikit :)

  4. I'm already been there...chee wah...baru sekali sampai dh nak bising2 nya view sunrise..ehem2....makin fit sekarang

    1. JM, janji sampai kannn... hehe... saya baru naik 3 kali broga... kena fitkan diri... nak jalan jauh :p

  5. Replies
    1. nasib baik awak comment.. kawan2 kita lain main tgk gambar jer.. sedey :p

  6. HA : Email address please :-)

    1. JM: suspen.. jeng3... hahah...