Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Its fasting month and I am really hungry right now I could eat a PIZZA! Speaking of witch...
Not that... haish... miss spell :p she is cute though Hilary Duff hehe... 
... speaking of which! I got just the posting for tonight! Pizza! and it is the best in Town! Seriously dude, go and check it out. I love it, my family love it and we still cant really find a pizza that can beat the simplicity and the good taste of this Pizza.

It is called the Pinos Pizza and Pasta and it is located at the Ground level of Amcorp Mall, PJ. You can drive here its easy and ample parking (though kindda expensive) or alternatively you can take the LRT Kelana Jaya Line (Or commonly known to the local as Putra LRT) to station "Taman Jaya" and walk from there.. yes you can see Amcorp Mall from the LRT station and if you cant that mean you are on the other side of the station or... you are just in the wrong station. hehe...

Well where shall we begin... ah yes... we are regular here. But this particular day I did bring my camera along and I took some photos. We begin with their mascot! The not so tall girl from Italy (or so she said she was or was it Papua New Guinea? hmmm...)

SAKINAH!!!! (She is my sister or so she claim to be... hahaha...) With my tasty Pizza!!! ITS MINEEEEEE... LAPOOOO T__T

This is how the... I dunno what to call this.. cafe? looks like... simple. Italian like to keep it simple. If you ask the owner, he will tell you that he is not competing with Pizza Hut or Dominos Pizza. He's simply bringing the Italian "kampung" home-made style pizza to you.

You can have you pizza from as low as RM10 per Pizza (Not per slice) and it only come in one size. All the pizza here come only in one size... one size to rule them all!!!

Well do look at the current promotions. 

The owner is not Muslim but he like to put this up. 

The Pizza and its prices. 

They also have pasta and Lasagna.

The shop itself is does not have halal certificate but they use all Halal material and he dont use any alcohol product in his cooking and also he is not baking any that kind of meat... 
 I tell you the food here are so nice that we held our Mother's birthday here and invited our relative to the dinner. They literally have to close the whole shop for us that night. Everybody was happy with the food and they are still talking about it till now. Thats how good it is. Especially the Pizza, Lasagna, pudding caramel and the one not on the Menu, baked macaroni! Oh.. yes we are good friend with the owner that he care to bake a special order just for us something that not in the menu.

But I dont have the pictures coz that event was on the different date as this whole picture was taken. But I did manage to capture 2 of the food that I mention earlier, today.

The MUST TRY Lasagna! The best! I tell you THE BEST!

The LEGENDARY PIZZA! And you must try this... I am not bluffing. Im loving it!

Well this are the production line. If you can see the whole picture, actually when we came this day he was preparing 35 pizza for the orphanage for free and he did that every single week without fail!

This is one happy customer, well Ive never really ask him for his permission to use his picture on my blog but since he is my father I know the answer would be yes so..  hehe...  On the left are the owner of Pinos Pizza, we call him Tony. He is a true Italian from Italy whom can speak English very well. 

Well why my sister is helping out here? Well, coz he is baking so many Pizza in a short period of time and are limited in men power that day so we just help out with a smile. That is how we came to be pizza makers as well.. 
What I like best about Uncle Tony's Pizza are that it is made out of the best ingredient. They use good quality cheese and everything and he is selling it cheep while still making good money out of it. He believe, good ingredient makes the best of food and he need not charge it at premium coz his "kampung" style concept.

Beside that they do serve good coffee. You should try them as well beside the soda's and not Yoda.

Last but not least... since he is a true Italian... maybe he is a "Godfather" ... Don Tony... haha... who knows.... until next time... please do visit this shop. You wont miss it. From the main enterence, turn to your right and you will see what i mean... and its isnt a dream :p Good night and wassalam...

I'm going to make you an offer that you cannot refuse... <--Godfather fan will know what this is all about. 

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