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Kuala Selangor Day Trip (Part 1)

Today we are going to Kuala Selangor. Just me and Fir with his Myvi 1.3 Auto Silver in colour. Budget RM100 in the wallet. Ok, let see what we can do in Kuala Selangor in a day! Yeah!

We start our trip quite early, we are from Gombak btw. Set out at 7.50am in the morning. We had our breakfast at Taqwa Seri Gombak which in imho is "The" best teh tarik place. Just my 2cents.

So I had a nasi lemak (hey 3 nasi lemak is equvelent to 1 roti canai of fat ok??!!) so better eat 3 nasi lemak... hehehe.... but i ate only one lah (today coz it wasnt really nice) and warm thin lime drink :p hahaha...

So I paid RM2.40 and Fir got me a mineral water for RM1 for the journey. Finish breakfast and a small chat about what to do around 8.15am and we continue our drive to Kuala Selangor. We choose to use LATAR as its the fastest and convenience route to take but the toll is expensive RM6 one way! But well, you just to give up something for the convenience right? So no complain there. Lala....

We use this cool app for GPS called Waze and for you who dont have it yet, you should try it. Just go to the app store and download it. Waze is that simple. So klik2.... our 1st destination in Kuala Selangor are the famous historical Malawati Hill (Bukit Malawati).

Its Saturday and its morning so the road is clear, the view are magnificante! (Haish my grammar, please note that I try to make a present like blog post while writing this blog. Obviously the event is in the past so sometime I will accidentally make past and present mistake so please just bare with me. ).

Fuh... thats me and fir cycling... hahah.. you wish :p 

Exit Ijok, as for now Ijok is the only exit coz the straight route is under construction. 
Off the expressway, on the right is the paddy field and there is no paddy at the moment. So no point stopping to take picture.
Welcome to Kuala Selangor. Well, you need to drive past the Kuala Selangor town to get to bukit Malawati. 
 Welcome to Bukit Malawati or Malawati Hill. There are ample parking here if you come in the morning but if you come during the evening this place will be full of people which is good in a way. It can boost the local economy. We arrived at 9am... that is a solid 45min drive from Gombak. So quite nearby.

The tram use to commute people who are not willing to walk up. Haha... 

This special species of monkey is one of the main attraction here and later I will show you why. 

The ticket counter... duh... 

The price RM5 for adult and RM3 for kids above 2 years of age. 

This is the ticket. 
 As you can see on the the ticket, it is a package of the Tram and entrence fee for the Fresh Water Fish Aquarium Park located nearby which you can access via the tram as well. The price for the ticket are RM5.
Here are some brief history of Malawati Hill. It was used in the old days as a fortress. 

We waited and waited until finally the 1st tram moves at 9.45 though they said 9.30am... haish... so yey! lets go up the Malawati Hill and see whats up there shall we?

The tram will stop around this area. Since this hill was once used as a fort so you can see canon (not the camera nor the printer) everywhere.

Here are the map of interesting places in Bukit Malawati. Dont ask me why its so rundown, i suppose this is a historical place so they got this great idea to set everything as historical possible. Haha... No offence. Its a really nice place if you got the right weather.

These canon are facing the sea and those days invasion that comes from the sea will land near the river outfall. Its not that near from this fort to the outfall... I wonder how far can these canon fire?

OMG! We are under attack!!! Man the canon!!!! To your station!!!! Seriously I dont know where the smoke came from. Maybe some open fire coz there are villages located around the Malawati Hill.

The above picture are the Baitulhilal. It is the place for us Muslim during the coming of Ramadhan (fasting month) to see the Child Moon (haha... direct translation from our local language for new moon. Anak = child, Bulan = Moon. So Anak bulan is Child Moon). Unfortunately in the past I dunno... as long as I can remember, they never manage to spot the new moon because of Malaysian sky are full of clouds. So we use the 28days cycle system to determine the date of our fasting period.

Well you cant miss this one. Its big and its in the same area. The lighthouse. Still working till now.. i think its from the colonial time.

We are lucky enough to meet this group of vespa's rider. I dont know where are they from but they are super cool and sporting. Two thumbs up for them :)

Next we went inside the Historical Museum of Kuala Selangor. It is just beside the Light House.

The Museum, its not big but its all we have... 

There are artifact and... 

3d illustration and ...

Stories and history of Selangor, Kuala Selangor and Bukit Malawati. 

and then there is this light house again... hehe... in HDR. 
As we exit the museum we decided to right from the main gate and walk down hill. There is sure a lot of monkey around. Here...have some... food??

Yes you can buy food for the monkeys to eat and it will cost you a Ringgit for each portion which we dont buy coz a lot of people did. No, that man over there is neither the monkey nor the food. Now2.. behave.. hehe...

The monkey here are so friendly especially if you give them food. They will not be so friendly if you step on their tail in which case I didn't and I hope you don't to.

And here they are... these monkey meant business... monkey business. No food no talk. Like if you want to talk to a monkey. ^__^
Hmmm... Hey you, yeah you... i think I know you... hmmm....  so that what I interpret what the monkey was thinking... what do you think?

Well the above picture... if you follow the route down the not far from the museum and the monkey who meant business there is a small park with bench near the hill and far awayyy... noo...! not far away... just near the hillside and there is a path that climbs up. If you take that uncharted path you will see this. This is a place of beheaded. History has it that this place once used to beheaded the criminal whom the king said he t beheaded for some reason only known to those people who lived in the past. As for me, I do not know what kind of crime that they do. One maybe for the crime of killing the innocent. Maybe...

this my friend are the Bedrock and it has nothing to do with "the rock" and i can assure you its not a bed to be sleep on. You see, there are 2 different opinion about this bedrock one is which it is used to beheaded traitors another is a place for Sultan or the king to rest while enjoying the view.

Somewhat near to the bedrock there is this place called the Busut Malawati. It was used by the king of old to view his kingdom as it is the highest peak on this hill. I did climb up there but I guess things must had been very nice back then coz now there are just to many trees and building blocking the view.

Well, as you walk down the main path. You will see another path that lead away from the main path. If you follow that path and you will follow that path you will see this places.

  An old fort wall which still remains. The view is somewhat scary here but the mosqito is just crazy around this place. As if they are not welcoming us near these walls... scary isnt it? Hehe.... But not as scary as the place next to it.

It is an old state engineer house, abandon to be fated alongside the grass and other things here. Muahaha... evil laugh :p well, its not that scary. It is just a editing to make this looks so run down. Hehe... Well you cant g any further than that, so we return to the main path and walk further down hill. Then we saw the tomb of the late kings and just beside it the path to the main gate of the abandon engineer house.

Abandon Engineer House from the main gate.

Tomb of the Kings of the past. In which within these wall also lies the Penggawa Canon or Chief Canon you can see it clearly if you stand beside the gate, the canon is always wrapped in yellow cloth. 
Ok scary movie is over, hehe... historical places are like that. Right? That what makes a journey into these places more exciting! Ok head on down the road and we meet with an inter-junction. One goes down one goes up... we took the one leading up. Why coz as we board the Tram we see a few places that we can go with the tram path. So we hiked up a little and see the Traditional Game Museum which is closed during ur visit, a poisoness well which used to torcher traitors to death by soaking them with poisoness herbs etc and the stage like something i forgot it name. Hehe.. well there is nothing more to it than that.

Traditional Game Museum

Poisoned well.... i guess it not doing so well :p

Dataran something2....
 Then we went down the path we came. Owh, the previous map shows that on the way down we can see a waterfall... yup we did see the waterfall but the water is no longer falling and its a man made fall! Curse youuuuu.... haha....

The water fall that are no longer falling
Well we manage to get to the bottom of all this around 11.47am :p and now is the time to do some shopping at the souvenir shop. I got myself a fridge magnet for RM6.

So its already half day done here another half... wait for part 2. In part 2 we will be going to places in Kuala Selangor that are really tasty ...  yummy and we will show you the whole budget :)

Until the next posting! Take care.

"We at sifusempoi try to bring out the best in every journey that we took though we are not guaranteeing that this will work for everyone but we believe it will work on most people. Throughout writing this blog we might give incorrect information or misinterpretation of subjects so we advice you not to depend solely on this blog. However we promise that it is in our best interest to give the most accurate information as possible. We are not an official source for any tourism, shops, company nor country and what we promote here are solely based on our journey and expectations. When we post anything about food, we DO NOT RECOMMEND it to anyone. We are just saying that we ate there and we believe its OK to eat there. Most of the picture I've watermark are copyright of SifuFoto, SifuSempoi, Oh!Photography and all its partners. Thank you for reading and please spread the word about our blog as a token of appreciation. Roger and Out."


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