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Kuala Selangor Day Trip (Part 2)

So part 2 of the Kuala Selangor Day Trip. After finishing our trip in Bukit Malawati which in case if you were wondering where is part 1 you click HERE. We head straight to our car and drive to the Fresh Water Aquarium or something like that. Owh btw this is off the topic but Yesterday me and my friend went out for the Legend of Hercules movie and the movie there was nothing LEGENDARY about that movie! It was somewhat fun yah but we were expecting more from Lionsgate I guess.

Ok, so we to the Aquarium thinggie coz we had already paid for the ticket. If you had not done so, you can purchase it at the entrance for RM2.

This is the main entrance and we park our car here. Walk inside about 150m. If you take the Tram from before it will take you straight to the main building. When we arrive here it was drizzling.

Well they got few aquarium and fish. Most of them are just the same species.

White Peacock 

Few ponds... you cant see the fish really. 

These 2 picture are the pigeon and these 2 I find most attractive in this entire park. Odd isnt it coz I tot this was suppose to be an Aquarium.

Just make sure you watch you step coz these are real pond and I dont want to walk into one. Well... I am a Malaysian and we do this posting to support and review the local tourism places but cammon la... we cannot lie if its too... all I am saying is that its not worth your time coming here. I even hear a kid says, "Mom, lets go to the Zoo. Here is boring." I rest my case.

So we went in at 12PM and we exited the park at 12.30PM. The rain is getting heavier so we decided to have our lunch 1st. Actually we were looking for a Restaurant but end up seeing a Giant Hypermall. Since Fir need to buy a shirt so we decided to have our lunch there. So here we are at 12.45PM.

Seriously, use WAZE to find this place now that you know it exist. 

 I ate uncle Jack Fried Chicken... 

I took set menu B that cost me RM5 with the drink. 

And this is the set. Its ok... so so... 

This is what Fir ate...
Ok, here is something funny. As we were eating and chating, half way trough I suddenly cant hold my sneeze and you know what is the best part? The timing was never better! Imagine this, i had a hand full of rice and chicken.. I put it into my mouth and second later I sneeze! I tried to cover my mouth with my left hand but the effort make the matter non the worse :p haha... so rice is everywhere. Haha... Fir stop eating after that... sorry fir. I feel so bad... :(((

Moving on... after Giant we went to perform our Zohor prayers. We choose to go to Kuala Selangor Mosque.

We perform our Zohor prayers here and we rest a bit. Why we rest, well because of 2 reason. 1 being the weather are not so well, it looks like its going to rain again. 2nd is because of the conversation I had earlier with the tourist information counter in Bukit Malawati. The conversation is something like this:

Me: Assalamualaikum, how are you?
Lady: Waalaikumsalam, good sir. How may I help you.
Me: Ok, we are here as tourist as we try to do a day trip in Kuala Selangor to support the visit Malaysia              year 2014. So what can you tell me about the activities that can be done around Kuala Selangor area.
Lady: Have you tried going up the Malawati Hill?
Me: Matter of fact, we just got down from it.
Lady: You can try the Aquarium and The "Taman Alam" nearby.
Me: Will do. Then?
lady: In the evening you can go to the beach and afterwards you can enjoy the tasty grilled fish nearby. Then you can view the "kelip-kelip" firefly at kampung Kuantan.
Me: I see, so between Taman Alam and The beach, what more can we do?
Lady: I dont know sir...
Me: ?????!!!!

So the conversation was in Bahasa Melayu. So thats why we rest, we are afraid if we took the 1 and half hour Taman Alam trail, we will end up soaking half way trough and we dont know where to go beside that.  So i took up my smart phone and put a status on FB. Who knows where to get GREAT cendol in Kuala Selangor. Coz Kuala Selangor is also famous for its Cendol. Hehe... i was shocked to learn that actually I got lots of friends who know where to find good food :p haha... I will share with you the result afterwards.

So after a while we decided to give it a go. So head to our car and drive to Taman Rimba Alam. It is located just beside the Aquarium thinggie. We arrived at 3.25PM.

Main Entrance 

Education center and where you buy the tickets

Tickets are RM4 per person and you will receive this cute handbook. 

We were told that this time around its beautiful in there. There are many birds migrating or something like that. 

You just take the straight road... 

After the bridge we took right and this is what we saw... 

At the end of the straight road is another straight road...

and another... 

Then you will see this place... 

and this place...

If you are tired you can always rest... 

and watch some birds... 

If you like you can take this path...

It lead to a mangrove plantation and you can see crab and all sort of thing that crawl within this mud. 

then there is this straight road again.. 

Once lies a path to the beach...once... 

If you can, just enjoy the walk

Its the journey that we must make in order to go on with life...

After we exited the detour path we are back on the main path... well we stumble upon these stray dog and I tell you they are more shock to see us than we are to see them! haha... well we walk ignoring em and they followed us. We were a bit puzzled by that until one make a brave attempt and run bypass up. Ah... so they want to overtook us... why didn't you say so?? hehe... so we let them pass. 

Look an eagle! 
Ok they sky are dark coz its going to rain. We didnt really enjoy walking in here coz we were a bit worried f the rain. We cant see many birds maybe coz its going to rain. I dunno. So we finished our exercise at 4.40. An hour of walk in the nature...

Then we went for asar prayers at the same Mosque and then we went for Cendol Durian Borhan... its located around 2KM from the bridge in Kuala Selangor heading to tanjung karang. Its on your right handside. You cant miss it. It is even in Waze.

Ok, is is indeed the best celdol I had eaten in a long time! I ordered the Special Cendol, I just love it to the last drop! The only setback are that its too crowded for cendol special. Just too many things inside and people say that there are many flies around coz of the palmoil plantation but when we came there is not much. Just a few. So this is RM 4 and I am really3 happy about it.

Next we set our GPS (Waze) to Medan Ikan Bakar Jeram. We are going for our dinner man! it took us around 30 min to get from Borhan Cendol to Jeram. We arrived at 6.15PM.

We ate Senangin dan Gegerut... !!! For me I like senangin better. :)

How do we put this... Squid dip in flour and fried? :p Fried Squid. 

Butter Prawn

Sorry I didnt manage to get the welcome signboard when there was light coz it was raining. So after the good meal we went to the counter to pay. Each of us are a bit worried if we went over the budget coz as you can see we take a good portion for the two of us. Kaching! RM 45.95! Well we do a bit of calculation here and there and I end up paying RM 24. Happy me with a happy tummy :D

Then we went to Kampung Kuantan to watch the Firefly...

Ticket are RM50 per boat and a boat can carry up to 4 person.

Each one of us have to wear a safety jacket, big or small, young or old. Safety 1st and thanks to this family we manage to secure a ride. They have 10 people so we join is making it 12 people on board. Wuhu... RM12.50 per person. 

Am so sorry, with the current equipment. This is the best that I can capture. The light thinggie is firefly and this is how you see it... almost. If you look at it at 1st you see as if they were LED light but as the boat come closer you can see some move and some even fly. If you are lucky one will fly to you.

The best time to see these beautiful creatures are when there is little moon light or in other words early or end of the month. Parking are free.

So finished here around 10.10PM and we head home. What a wonderful journey.

So how much did we spend today??

Breakfast + Mineral = RM3.40
Tram Tix                  = RM5.00
Fridge Magnet         = RM6.00
Lunch + Mineral      = RM6.70
Cendol                    = RM4.00
Grilled Fish             = RM24.00
Firefly                     = RM12.50
Fuel                        = RM15.00
Tol                          = RM6.00

Total = RM 82.60 Only. 

So this time we manage to do a trip to Kuala Selangor with all the fun, pictures, food and cendol for below RM100! and we manage to get ourself a fridge magnet for the memory.

So guys and gals, since it is Visit Malaysia Year 2014. Why not just pack you back and go around Malaysia for a change. You dont need so much money to travel... all you need to do is just plan ahead and try to have fun even with tight budget.

Till the next posting. Thank you for following Sifu Sempoi Blog Jalan-Jalan By Malaysia for the World.

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